Here’s a list of my personal project.


When I started the STPHP my main objective was use my own framework into the core of my lato sensu (specialization) final project in Software Engineering. Nowadays, I’m using this framework to lean about new code styles and best programming practices, to improve my abilities, to taste new web technologies and because is very funny =).


I’m trying make a strategy web based game called The lord of Shadows. My idea is make something as The Lord of Ultima. So in the game you will have thousands of cities to administrate. In each city you can choose where you will put each building and based at the place chosen you will gain more points. Ex: If you have a Woodcutter will be better put it close a tree to get more points, because if you put close a quarry or in a random place you will get less points. To make the players interact with each other my idea is create a ‘card game’, and the players will fight to get the ‘Card of the shadows’, each card will give some bonus to the players. Ex: There are cards for give more speed for building, more attack power for the battle units and something else. (I’m wondering yet.). The game will finish when someone or some team defeat The lord of the Shadows (imagine Sauron) and to defeat him you or your team will need of a strong combination of cards the make your army very strong. That is a difficult project and will take a long time to be finished. Feel free to help me =).


That was my first open-source project. When I was learning the basics about PHP. My objective in this project were to help programmers in avoid Spaghetti code. To do that I made a HTML generator written in PHP.

For example: You write PHP code.


And the result is HTML:

Very cool, right? Forget HTML, write just PHP!.